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  1. Um… Ting I am not sure how to report people. but anyways this person kept swearing at us, Evil, Kim_Yoona, and I. We told him to stop but he didn’t. he used caps a lot.

    • I’m not sure if this is exactly the right section to report in but close enough, I also just got on after you guys left so I could read console. I’ll punish him, just next time include his name if you can.

      • TING ITS ME KOVAS MCKOCRAFTER my pc deleted Minecraft or my brother anyways I might be back on the day after Christmas and btw and u probe don’t miss me but I’m coming back one day and I might donate to the server aswell HAVE FUN btw if anyone has Mcpe like BHDBonmie or somthing join a server with the ip the port is 33813 PLS JOIN TINGSTER yeah ting tell anyone who has Mcpe to join that server and you if u have Mcpe cyaaaaa btw I Eli’s to u all about being 15 😓 I’m 11

      • Btw what happend to Dev is he still CoOwner on Ben tho my last message of being banned for 26 days 1year and 2 months ago and btw dev’s massage that he put in the ban thing said “Banned by Admin Reason: FUCK YOU” yep that’s what it said

        • Sorry for only noticing this a month later… But i unbanned you! A year is is a while for being banned.. anyways behave yourself 😛 btw dev got fired that ban message.. dev was probaly in a rage which happened to serveral people before.. :I

  2. Ting,
    I would like to apologize for all the horrid mistakes I have made in the past. I understand that you will most likely refuse to unban me but I just want you to know I’m truly sorry about all the drama I caused on your server. I’m sure the drama problem was cured after I left. Thank you for all the amazing memories your server gave me, I really appreciate it.

  3. Minecraft username: DragonTitan
    I got banned for being disrespectful. Saying stuff like “I’m flying” even though I was just jumping in mid air.
    I am sorry. I got banned for arguing. The original time, but you look back at the past, so I have to mention it.

    I should be unbanned because I love to play this server. I have like 7 real life days spent on this server. I hope you can forgive me. Last banned appeal I just ban evaded a lot. I tried appealing in the game. Now I am trying to ban appeal through the website. I also helped your server a lot. Thanks for reading. I hope I get unbanned.

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