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    I was playing on the server yesterday, chatting with my friends in my language using mostly /msg, again I have no idea why I’m banned cause it only says “The ban hammer has spoken” So I would be pleased if I could get informed why the heck I am banned so I can stop doing whatever I’m doing wrong, cause I have no idea what I’m doing wrong as this is my third time being banned, the first 2 times I said “deez nuts” lol… Havn’t done that this time and im banned, which is quite anoying, I was actually gonna play on here today with some friends on the server. Cause I really enjoy the server, but being banned without knowing why can’t stop me from doing it again cause I don’t know what im doing wrong, you get what im saying? I’ll try my best cause thé server is awesome to play on and people are really kind. well to make the long short, if you ever ban me again, please tell me why im banned so I can improve. -_Kindred__ <3

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