These Rules Apply On the Server and the Forums! These Rules Apply At ALL Times!

Please note your Minecraft account is your responsibility at all times.


[1] No Inappropriate Language,swearing or abbreviated swearing.

[2] No use of hacked clients or bots.

[3] No spamming commands or chat.

[4] No griefing what so ever even if you claimed over a faction.

[5] No advertising.

[6] Raiding is allowed if the chests aren’t locked. Which means you should LOCK YOUR CHESTS.

[7]Do not beg for staff ranks,you may apply on the website.

[8] Do not beg or ask for someone to be unbanned.

[9] No x-ray of any sort.

[10] No purposeful cause of lag.

[11] No flying in combat.


Note: Not following these rules will result in a warning, which leads to a punishment according to your number of warnings.

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